Recent (non-work) accomplishments: got these cute-as-a-button porch rockers like a quintessential North Carolinian.

Last night, when I was drinking my vodka-cran-with-a-lime (or my Vodcram, as I call it) from a mason jar, I said “hey y’all” to the neighbors who passed my house. And sometimes I would fan myself and say things like “Lord have mercy, that there boy ain’t right in his head, bless his heart” (probably after watching the news).

Guys, I’m so southern now. 

Incidentally, when I add a slice of orange to my Vodcram, as one does, it then becomes a Vodcramo.

But I digress.

This front porch, along with the back porch (which I shall photograph for a future post – perhaps with a Vodcramo), is my favorite place to work and write. Otherwise, what was the point of moving to coastal North Carolina? To burrow in an unused bedroom (or “home office” as the kids say)? I think not.

I do declare, that would be sillier than an old June bug.

Because remote work and life as a digital nomad was meant to be experienced from the porch (or the park, or pool, or anyplace that makes your little heart pitter-patter).