Just the facts

Tryna Fitzpatrick Email / Linkedin / Facebook /Instagram / 919.537.9179


Who are you anyway, "Word Girl"?

I am a Creative Director. A Content Manager. A Copywriter. I have 20 years of experience. I live in Wilmington, NC. I have a degree from Florida State University. Basically, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a customer, asking them to love your brand.

Industries I've served

B2C and B2B Retail, E-Commerce, Business Products and Services, Higher Education, Travel and Tourism, Mass Media, Digital Media, Arts and Entertainment, State and Economic Development, Technology, and more.

Where I work

I’ve been headquartered in Hilton Head, SC and Williamsburg, VA. I am currently working from  Wilmington, NC but servicing clients all around the world. 

What I do

I do so much more than copywriting. I offer big ideas and key messaging. Brand strategy and visual approaches. Thought leadership and team leadership. I am a concept schemer and conspirator – but in a good way.

Other skills

You’ve seen me on the beach and you’ve seen me on TVbecause I’ve worked as anextraor, as I prefer to be called, “background artistfor numerous movies and shows including Hightown on the Starz Network, Our Kind of People on Fox, and This Country, a Lionsgate production  just to name a few. In my current project, I am showing my range by playing both old money ladyand “street pedestrian“.

Tell me more, tell me more

I have three smart and compassionate daughters, two spoiled and snorty french bulldogs and one cantankerous husband with an arsenal of corny dad jokes. 

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