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Project: Surry county economic development

Surry County Virginia Economic Development marketing collateral copywriting Tryna Fitzpatrick

Services Delivered:

  • Conversion Content
  • Website Copywriting
  • Marketing Collateral Copywriting (Brochure Booklet, Mailer, Onesheets)
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Branding and Strategy

The Challenge:

Position historic and rural Surry County as an advantageous location for business, commercial and industrial development. They needed an experience copywriter able to handle all aspects of the project including competitor research and search engine optimized content in order to create a dynamic marketing package to entice local investment.


I helped overhaul the strategy, messaging and brand positioning to attract commercial growth and industrial investment for Surry County by maximizing location strengths and affordability. I produced re-branded conversion-optimized copy for the Surry County Economic Development website and landing pages. I produced long-form content for a booklet with one sheets and infographic inserts, brochures, and branding taglines and headlines to produce a collateral package that could be used to increase business growth through direct mail, trade shows, and through the county offices.



Take Root in Rural Surry County   


Strong economic growth, competitive incentives, access to world-class infrastructure, and a talented and diverse workforce that includes thousands of transitioning and active duty military members are just a few of the reasons to consider growing your business in Surry County, Virginia.   

Located midway between two major metropolitan areas – Richmond & Hampton Roads, and bordered by Virginia’s largest river, we provide the ideal location for retail,manufacturing, distribution,food and beverage processing, agribusiness, energy production, and more. Unlike some industrial zones, our pro-business climate doesn’t distract from our small-town charm. Visit us and you’ll see… our unparalleled lifestyle and strategic location means that Surry County is uniquely positioned to foster your business success.   


Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit for 400 Years  

[Text Wrapping Break]Our 400-year history began when the first settlers of the new world established homes and businesses right here on the banks of our shores. And while incredibletechnological advances have changed the face of the county, our dedication to happiness, hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit has remained unchanged. We’ve been building the American dream since 1652 and are ready to help you cut down the barriers toachieve business prosperity.   




Hampton Roads: The Proving Ground of Progress  


Surry County is part of the vibrant and growing Hampton Roads region that includesthe cities of Chesapeake, Franklin, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Poquoson, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, and along with Surry, includes the counties of Gloucester, Isle of Wight, James City, Southampton, and York.Home to more than 1.7 million people, the area isrecognized as one of the largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States, and has the largest concentration of military installations in the nation.With a highly skilled workforce, easy access to three international airports andmajor rail and highway systems, dynamic scientific research centers, andwell-respected higher learning institutions, Hampton Roads is a preeminent hub of progress, and the ideal location for any business venture. 


Port Facilities 

Nearby port facilities feature intermediate and deepwater terminals for barges, river traffic and oceangoing vessels, and the only U.S. approved livestock loading facility on the East Coast. Four marine terminals are located a few minutes away. The Port of Virginia, one of the largest and busiest in the country, offers direct container service to locations all around the globe. From this strategic location, your shipment will reach the open sea in just2.5 hours.  



Roads State Primary Routes #10 and #40 connect to I-85, I-95, and I-295. The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry provides easy access to Williamsburg and US Highway 60 and I-64. US 460 provides an east/west four-lane corridor between Petersburg (Fort Lee) and Hampton Roads. 

Railroad Norfolk-Southern provides freight service in nearby Wakefield 

Air – Newport News Williamsburg International, Norfolk International, and Richmond International are within 20 to 40 miles from Surry. Other public use airports are located in Dinwiddie (30 miles), Williamsburg (10 miles), and Wakefield (19 miles). 

Waterways Surry’s 28 miles of navigable shoreline links businesses to the ports of Hampton Roads and Richmond. 



<<<Virginia Ranked #5 Best States For Business, #2 Regulatory Environment, #3 Labor Supply by Forbes>>> 


Ranked #5 ‘Best States for Business’ 

Virignia understands that excessive regulations and red tape can hurt your bottom line. That’s why our state’spro-business environment has earned the Commonwealthtop rankings in Forbes annual Best States for Business study. As a right-to-work state, when you bring your business to Virginia and you’ll experience favorable labor regulations and with lighter environmental, licensing, and legal requirements than many other states, there will befewer obstacles on your way to success. 


Surry County’s Rural Advantage 

While you reap the benefits of a progressive,business-friendly state, you’ll also enjoy the advantages of a rurallifestyle. 

As you drive through our picturesque small towns and their quaint homes and churches, you’ll see thatwe’ve taken great care to protect our way of life. Our residents enjoy peaceful and affordable living, moderate weather, low crime, access to state-of-the-art healthcare, excellent schools,and a variety of recreational opportunities.  

If you need to relocate employees to Surry County, you can rest assured that they will thrive. 



Discover the Power of our Symbiotic Economy   

Building symbiotic relationships between business, theenvironmentand our community isat the heart of everything we do. The Surry Nuclear Power facility operated by Dominion Virginia Power, is just one example. The plant helps the Commonwealth meet carbon emissions standards while providing enough power to operate400,000 homes. The facility supports900 jobs, safely produces 14percent of the electricity used in Virginia, and reduces the need for harmful carbon dioxide emissions. 

It’s a win-win, and yet another example of why Surry County is becoming an industrial business powerhouse with the ability to forge positive and enduring relationships between your business and our community.    

Surry’s Top Employers 

Dominion Virginia Power (Electricity) 

Wallace Edwards and Sons (Hams/Specialties)

Seward Lumber Company (Lumber) 

Windsor Mill Company (Trim and Moldings) 


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<<<Letter from Tyrone W. Franklin, County Administrator to include contact information and headshot. Insert to include data that may need regular updating so that folder will not need to be reprinted. >>> 



Surry County, the birthplace of the American dream  

Surry County, Virginia is open and ready for your business.   

From the rich soil of the pastures, to the dense woodlands, to the miles of untouched shoreline along the James River, our location offers something for everyone and every enterprise.   

Agriculture, forestry, quarrying, traditional and alternative energy, food and beverage processing, natural water bottling, property development, manufacturing and more… whatever your endeavor, Surry is the ideal location to plant your roots and grow your business. 

You’ll be in good company.  

Notable businesses that have found success in Surry and the surrounding Hampton Roads metropolitan area include Dominion Resources, Seaward Lumber, Edwards Ham, Jefferson Laboratory, QVC, Kraft-Heinz Planters Peanuts, Ferguson Enterprises, Lumber Liquidators, Hunter Ingalls, NASA Langley Research Center, Canon, just to name a few. Like you, they scoured the country for the optimal location where access to a talented workforce, best-in-class infrastructure, and sustainable natural resources are backed by a robust local economy and competitive operating costs.   

Surry County offers all of that, and more. 

Centrally located on the U.S. East Coast, Surry is within an hour’s drive of more than a million residents, and a day’s drive to nearly half of the U.S. population. With convenient access to the Hampton Road’s network of modern highways, railroads, airports and the only East Coast port with Congressional authorization for 55-foot channels you’ll be able to reach all of your markets with ease.   

Beyond our county borders, your business will benefit from Virginia’s 400-year history of free enterprise and economic opportunity. In fact, Forbes Magazine ranks Virginia in the top 5 among the nation’s leading business-friendly states, and has ranked us in the top 10 every year since 2006. In Virginia, we don’t create obstacles to your success. We forge pathways to it. 

As the birthplace of the American dream, our area knows what it takes to prosper. We value a day’s work, but also appreciate downtime through an abundance of recreational and cultural pursuits. Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, trail riding, hiking, or just taking in the beauty of our sunsets on the James – Surry County has it all. Plus, plenty of small town charm and hospitality to make you feel at home.   

If you’re expanding your business, launching a new venture, or looking to relocate your facilities, Surry County is your rural route to success. Contact me to learn more. 

Tyrone W. Franklin  

Surry County Administrator   





23 miles of shoreline 

50 miles from Richmond 

40 miles from Norfolk 

12 miles from Williamsburg 

7,058 population in Surry 

25 miles of navigable waterfront 

5 Seaports with 65 miles or less 

1.7 million population in Hampton Roads 

100’s of miles of railway 

3 commercial airportsnearby 

1,000’s of major employers 

2.5 hours from Washington D.C.   

7 colleges and universities 

83,000 active duty military members 

5+ military facilities   



Surry CountyFast Facts 


  • Low cost of living and high quality of life
  • Low tax real estate tax rate
  • Diverse, qualified and educated workforce
  • Excellent public and private schools
  • Direct access to the James River
  • Prime location nearthe Port of Virginia, International Airports, Railroad,Seaport terminals, and major highway systems
  • Close proximity to military, naval, and research centers
  • Efficient wastewater facilities with unlimited sewer capacity
  • Aquifer can accommodate megasite  
  • Retail, industrial, and mixed-use sites available
  • Active and engaged staff


Available Sites 


Dendron Site 

Situated in the heart of Surry County, the Dendron site offers the perspective retailer a cost-effective, 12-acre development. With county ownership, the site can be fast-tracked to meet the strictest of deadlines.   


Dollar General 

Approximately 4 acres adjacent to Dollar General. Attractive frontage on Route 10m Colonial Trail E. A population of over 20,000 live within a 9.5 mile radius.   


Surry West 

Collection of sites perfect for high visibility retail operation in growing area. Located just minutes outside of the town of Surry.